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USC on iTunes U

Frequently Asked Questions

Is USC on iTunes U part of the iTunes Music Store?
No. While USC on iTunes U appears in the Store section of iTunes, the content offered in USC on iTunes U is not a part of the iTunes Music Store content.

Will I have to pay to access USC on iTunes U?
No. It is a free service.

Can I access USC on iTunes U directly through the iTunes program on my computer?
Yes. All iTunes U content is public as of July 1, 2009.

What if I have Windows? Can I still install iTunes?
Yes. iTunes for Macintosh and Windows XP/Vista is available for free download from Apple's Web site at

Will I be able to use other mp3 players with iTunes?
Yes and no. There is moderate support in iTunes for some thirds-party players, but they will not be able to play AAC files (including songs from the iTunes Music Store).

I have an iPod Nano, iPod Mini or iPod Shuffle. Can I use this kind of iPod to listen to a podcast?
Yes. Audio podcasts can be listened to on all iPod products. Video podcasts can be viewed and listened to on iPods with video functionality. All podcasts can be viewed and listened to on Mac and Windows computers.

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