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This Week's Finds in Planning is the blog of Martin Krieger, Professor of Planning at the University of Southern California's School of Policy, Planning, and Development.

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Plagiarism and Brick Wall Copying

In my other blog I have been writing about plagiarism, when I discovered its prevalence in student papers and in dissertations, even by a colleague, this past semester. Posts from about 25 July to early August.

People give you the source, but do not indicate that they have taken much of the writing and interpellated a word or two here and there--BUT they do not use quotation marks. Discovered readily using Turnitin. It's not wholesale copying, but there's too much of it to be inadvertent. I don't know if a university would revoke a doctorate. But someone has not been academically toilet trained.

It would seem that many students do not know that this is a no-no. But they do understand that if someone impersonated you once in a while, it would be not right.